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IEC 61850 on PQView 4!

Published by The Electrotek Team

Utilities know that merging data from devices within several substations, or even across a whole system, can get complicated—especially when you have devices from a variety of vendors. That’s why they know that IEC 61850 is such a powerful method of integrating those communications. We at Electrotek have been hard at work to bring you the very best of what you need, and now, we are excited to announce the next big chapter in PQView 4 capabilities: IEC 61850 communications!

Here’s how it works:
IEC 61850 is an international standard for TCP/IP networked communications with Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED’s) in substations. IEC 61850 uses object-oriented methods that allow for data to be shared between IEDs and software systems using standard communication methods. By using IEC 61850, PQView can acquire real-time and recorded data from IEDs. Data is stored in the PQView database alongside all other data acquired by PQView’s PQDMS. Unlike traditional polled devices, IEDs send measured values to PQView via IEC 61850 Reports.

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PQDiffractor is a Free PQDIF and COMTRADE Viewer

Published by The Electrotek Team

PQView 4 brings you a smooth interface for viewing PQDIF and COMTRADE files, along with a wealth of other power quality monitoring and analytical capabilities. But what if you’re in a pinch and only need the file viewer?

PQDiffractor is a PQDIF and COMTRADE viewer written by Electrotek Concepts, Inc. for viewing, browsing, diagnosing, and converting PQDIF files and COMTRADE files, and is a free software download from our website.

That’s right. It’s free.

Read binary PQDIF Files using specifications from IEEE Std 1159.3-2003
Read ASCII or binary COMTRADE Files using specifications from IEEE Std C37.111-1991 or C37.111-1999
View lists of data source records in each PQDIF file
View lists of analog and digital channels from COMTRADE configuration files
Create interactive charts from PQDIF observations with channels of any quantity type
View samples from analog COMTRADE waveforms and digital status channels
Export displayed observations to Microsoft Excel as CSV files

To read more about PQDIF and COMTRADE, and to view a full list of PQDiffractor’s capabilities, visit our website, at electrotek.com/pqdiffractor/

The Ultimate PQ Data Concentrator

Published by The Electrotek Team

PQView is much more than a power quality data browser. It is also a powerful data concentrator for any sized monitoring system. PQView’s PQ Data Manager System (PQDMS) offers seamless integration to meters from many popular manufacturers.

Support for generic file formats such as PQDIF and COMTRADE is also available, but these files are usually only available daily from meters, with the primary benefit being for historical purposes. Conversely, the smooth meter integration of PQView enables system operators to proactively monitor and raise the alarm on operational issues detected by their metering in the dynamically changing network. Traditional SCADA systems are good at gathering lots of generic data, but they have very limited PQ data capabilities. This reactive approach is usually limited only to COMTRADE and PQDIF files. Why settle for less?

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