Combined Power Quality and Energy Consumption Measurment

The PQ3K is a cost effective monitoring solution that combines general purpose PQ detection (with waveform recording) and 4 quadrant energy monitoring in one instrument. Wide-ranging applications include utility, facility, manufacturing, petro chemical, mission critical and more. The PQ3K is housed in a 144mm x 144mm panel mounted enclosure with a high resolution, color TFT display. The PQ3K is fully compliant with IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 3 Class A for trustworthy PQ measurements. It can detect and record waveforms for sags/dips, swells, interruptions, as well as recording flicker, harmonics and more, all in parallel with complete energy metering capabilities. Digital I/O provides the ability to read alarms and provide state/condition based monitoring and alarming. IEC 61850, Modbus and Profinet are available for remote communications with 3rd party SCADA and other monitoring systems.





Voltage Channels

Current Channels

Sampling Rate

Insturment Power

Types of Connections

I/O Interfaces


Basic Uncertainty According IEC/EN 6068




Environmental Conditions, General Information

Mechanical Properties



Modbus/RTU Interface

For remote acquisition of measurements via control system


Three optional extension modules can added to the device. You may select from:



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