Our Services

We offer Power Quality Practitioner™ training classes for electrical engineers and technicians available on site or at our facility in Bangkok, Thailand or Arizona, USA. Our services also includes: Power Quality Diagnostic, Waveform Analysis, Voltage Evaluation, Ground Testing, Energy Audits, Power Conditioner and UPS analysis.


Increase the knowledge and effectiveness of these terms to work with Power Quality, Power Reliability and Energy Efficiency issues internally or with customers. Increase their effectiveness at documenting and resolving power quality and energy conservation issues in the most cost effective manner.   

Power Quality Practitioner™ Training 

  • Power Quality Practitioner for Power Consumers
  • Power Quality Practitioner for Electrical Utilities 

"The practitioner is one who brings art or science to full realization"

What we do...

  • Focus on System Manufacturer. Specialize in power quality hardware and engineering solutions for electronics device and system manufacturer.
  • Power Quality Specification. Through our extensive experience, we have developed standards for acceptable power quality. Our Power quality specialist can analyze electronic systems for sensitive areas and determine the acceptable level of power quality.
  • Power Quality Analysis. Our specialist conduct a variety of power quality surveys to analyze the customer electrical power quality and grounding. Follow up with a proposal for the most cost effective solutions.
  • Expert Engineering Services. Our veteran power quality specialists will engineer unique controls or custom designs to meet special requirements

PQView® Training

PQView® is a multi-component software system developed by Electrotek Concepts® and EPRI® for building and analyzing databases of power, power quality, and energy measurements. PQView integrates data from digital relays, fault recorders, power quality monitors, smart meters, and SCADA historians into an open relational database.

Dran-View 7 Training 

Dran-View software is a Windows based software package that enables power professionals to simply and quickly visualize and analyze power quality and energy monitoring data. Now in its 7th major revision, DranView 7 offers the powerful feature set that you expect from Dran-View, but it now has a much more modern appearance and a simpler user interface. Dran-View is successfully used by thousands of customers around the world, and has become the industry leading power management software tool. 

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