Météorage: the Global lightning Detection Specialist

Météorage is the European leader in lightning risk mitigation.

Lightning data processing and display software, Alarm service, Remote Counter, Statistics,etc … Thanks to a dedicated knowledge, the company delivers a wide range of specific services, adapted to the needs of many end-users, such as : MET Services, utility network, Telcos, industry, insurance, civil security, organizations or aviation control. Météorage is also present in the international market, offering system solutions to HNMS or Utilities and support for the market development of lightning data applications.

Météorage is at the origin of the GLISS project, whose objective is to give developing countries the possibility to mitigate meteorological risks thanks to information services.


Image: Thai Meteorological Department (TMD), Date: 20/03/2022

Weather Radar

The radar loop animation was captured on March 20, 2022.  Time: 13:40 – 14:40

Heavy precipitation over Bangkok area.

Source: Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) is the Thai governmental agency responsible for weather forecasting and monitoring. Website: tmd.go.th 


Meteorage offers products and services in the field of the prevention of the risk of lightning by adapting them to the needs of the users and the fields of activity of our customers.

  • Evaluate – Assess the potential risk of lightning at a site or within a zone
  • Anticipate –Receive an alert to avoid loss of human life and material damage
  • Follow – Follow storms in real time
  • Check – Check the integrity of a site or confirm if an accident was originally caused by lightning

Lightning statistics per town/municipality

This data will enable you to obtain :

- Lightning density of a particular town/municipality, calculated using Ground Strike Points detected over a period of 10 years.
- Number of storm days per year. This data corresponds to the number of days where at least one lightning flash was detected in the vicinity.
- Statistical confidence index.
- Lightning records for a given zone.
- Seasonal and monthly distribution of contact points. 


Statistical Study of Lightning Risk 

Météorage offers detailed statistical information, particularly via complex, multi-site or geolocalised studies. These can be provided in the form of data or of a map.

Availability of lightning statistics: Worldwide

Lightning alarm

So as to keep your site operational during a storm, this service keeps interruptions to a bare minimum courtesy of start-of-alert and end-of-alert messages tailored to your business practices and schedule.

The Lightning alarm service does not need any installation or maintenance.

Its proven effectiveness has been the subject of several publications.

This service complies with the requirements of standard IEC 62793 for thunderstorm warning systems and satisfies regulatory frameworks requiring safety measures during storms.


Specifically customised for multi-site operators or operators affiliated to an associated body (e.g. sport federations, operators of several warehouses, cooperatives, silos, etc.), this service warns you of the beginning and end of a storm affecting your site/s.

In addition, we will send you visual information on the movement of the storm, viewable for the entire duration of the alert, and enabling you to estimate its size and direction.

The Flashfoudre service does not need any installation or maintenance and complies with the requirements of the IEC 62793 international standard.

Web Survey

Obtain detailed information on the presence or non-presence of lightning strikes at a given location (postal address, GPS coordinates, power lines, rail or telecom networks, etc.)

Météorage provides accurate readings, adapted to the frequency of your requirements :

• upon request for one-off usage
• via a subscription or bundled purchase for more regular usage

These services are tailored to suit insurers, experts, vets, as well as those in the energy or transport sectors looking to identify correlations.


Visualise lightning strikes localised in a given geographical area in real time, in order to gauge the size of the storm and follow its progression, allowing you to take all necessary preventative measures.

The numerous functionalities enable you to create “alert areas”, send out alert messages and display your business data (lines, parks, etc.)

Thanks to the “lightning jump” analysis, displaying storm cells helps you to assess the severity of a storm (high risk of harsh winds, intense rainfall, hailstorms, etc.) and to predict its location to within one hour.

Available option: Our Past Time option enables you to review the activity and progression of a previous situation.


Selecting each lighting point detected on the map will provide further details as shown on the image.
*The colour code shows the chronology of strikes on the map.

Lightning Remote Counter

Obtain detailed information on the presence of lightning strikes after each storm affecting your site.
Météorage will provide you with a report containing a map and features of each lightning strike, enabling you to :

• Check on your facilities and your lightning protection
• Carry out corrective or preventative maintenance on your facilities

The lightning remote counter does not require any installation or maintenance. 


Sample email: Review of lighnting detected around the vicinity of your site location. 


The exported PDF file will include the filters chosen in your results page.

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