Our Services

We offer Power Quality Practitioner™ training classes for electrical engineers and technicians available on site or at our facility in Bangkok, Thailand or Arizona, USA.

Do you have a question on power quality situation or data you've collected and would like our PQ experts to evaluate?

You can contact us by,

Business Phone: +66-2-373-6340

E-mail: info@powerquality.co.th




Electical Energy Solution

Power quality engineering  is one of our services. Our PQ service includes site inspection by a power quality expert, monitoring with high technology power quality recorders from Dranetz, data analysis and recommendations for the most cost effective solution. PQT services include:

  • Power Quality Diagnostic

  • Waveform Analyses

  • Voltage Evaluation

  • Ground Testing

  • Energy Audits

  • Power Conditioner and USP







PQSynergy Conference

PQT organizes an International conference PQSynergyTM annually. PQSynergyTM objective is to support research and to share experiences in the related fields of power quality, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and smartgrid. The conference is normal held in Sept or Oct in Thailand but occasionally is relocated around Asia. The paper presenters are from: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Europe. Moreover, PQSynergyTM provides exhibition booths to promote new technology for power system monitoring, control, PQsolutions and the new smartgrid system. 

For more information please visit:  www.pqsynergy.com 


Smart Grid

PQT is now supporting the development of SmartGrid particular in Asia. SmartGrid Asia is bringing new technology and structure to the power system. These new technologies involve new automation, communications, and controls. Many aspects of the power system are being retooled and modernized to reduce system failures, to improve restoration time, to increase system efficiencies, and include renewable resources into the supply. These new technologies are increasing the awareness of power quality problems and power reliability.

Please visit:  www.smartgridasia.us for additional information.


Power Quality Training

PQT offers both fundamental and advanced training for all levels of engineering and business aspects of Power Quality. PQT conducts product training for Dranetz products and software training for PQviewTM and DranviewTM.PQT annually conducts advanced user training for customers. It aims to share case studies and solution that customers are face, and also to recommend or suggest in setting, monitoring, connection for power system.