Energy Platform Report Writer (EPRW) software (included with the EP1) summarizes your survey results in easy to read, user selectable reports using your PC. You can create customized reports or just use the automatic feature and let EPRW quickly generate your report without any setup required.

The Energy Audit feature summarizes your energy survey, including your basic billing parameters such as time of use (peak, partialpeak, off-peak), peak demand, energy cost and carbon footprint.

Reports are created in RTF format so you can easily edit your report using any text editor. A data export function is available to bring your data into other software applications such as Micosoft Excel or other compatible software.

For more advanced analysis, the EP1 is fully compatible with Dran-View, our award-winning power analysis software. DranView is a powerful tool with advanced features and custom report writer. The built-in Rescue Kit can help undo monitoring mistakes such as reversed CTs, wrong scale factors, wrong instrument time and more. Dran-View’s report writer has a variety of report functions available to meet any application and now includes the Energy Audit report also available in EPRW. Dran-View is used world-wide by thousands of power professionals to analyze data take from Dranetz power quality analyzers and energy monitors.