Other Accessories

5KVP Voltage Probes

Product No. KV001


Connecting directly to 4160V

The 5KVP allows direct connection to the primary voltage. Bypassing the PT avoids any phase shift and linearity problems introduced by it. It also allows direct connection at any point of interest whether PT's already exist or not.

Accuracy Verifcation Adapter

Product No. AD001


Accuracy verification and test module for HDPQ / PX-5 / 4400 / PV440. This module allows a user to easily connect to the voltage and current channels with a voltage standard and verify the accuracy of the intrument.


CF Card

Product No. CF001


Card Reader

Product No. CF002


  • Card reader for CF card


TR Converter

Product No. TR001


Octopus Cable

Product No. OCT4CH


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