New SCADA software from Dranetz.

DranSCADA is new HMI/SCADA software from Dranetz. Unlike other SCADA software, DranSCADA is built on a new, ultra-modern platform with a visually pleasing 2D/3D web based graphical user interface. Powerful communications and software interfaces, expandability, ease of use and an affordable price are just some of the other user benefits of DranSCADA. Just one look at DranSCADA makes you wonder how you used anything else before.



For using with Dranetz HDPQ DataNode, 61000 Family, PQ3K, PQ5K, AM Series Energy Meters, Camille Bauer Energy Meters, any meters (Dranetz or other) using ModBus & other protocols and non-powering meters.


DranSCADA 3D View

DranSCADA 2D View


DranSCADA kW Trend

DranSCADA Voltage Trend

DranSCADA Meter Details



DranSCADA Editions

Communication Driver
Modbus/TCP Client
Modbus/TCP Server
Modbus/RTU over TCP Client
OPC UA Client
OPC UA Server
OPC DA Client
OPC DA Server
BACnet Client
BACnet Server
SNMP Client
SNMP Server
DNP3 Client
DNP3 Server
IEC61850 MMS Client
IEC61850 MMS Server
RESTful API Client
RESTful API Server
DDE Client
DDE Server
UI Components
One-Line (Single Line) w/ Live Data Overlay
Imagery Background w/ Live Data Overlay
Device Detail Screen
Event/Alarm Screen
Field-Customizable Dashboard/Report
Export Dashboard/Report Screen as PDF
User Management Console
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
HTML Online Help
One-Line (Single Line) w/ Live Animation
Imagery Background w/ Live Animation
Ethernet: Modbus/TCP, web server, NTP
3rd-party Web App Embedding
Web Proxy for VNC
Device Log/Waveform Viewer
Interactive 3D Geospatial Screen
E-mail notification
Browser – Server (BS)
Secure WebSocket (wss)
WebGL (3D)
Operating System
Windows XP SP3 and above
On Premise
Database Integration
MySQL Client
MySQL Server
Microsoft SQL Client
Microsoft SQL Server
PostgreSQL Client
PostgreSQL Server
E-mail Integration
POP3 Client (receive email)
SMTP Client (send email)










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